Salki, Experts in Fastening Tools.

We provide creative and professional solutions for the world of fastening. We are manufacturers and specialists. Through our range of products, we provide our customers with solutions for all types of applications, both for the home and the most demanding professional.


Salki has three lines of products designed to satisfy the needs of each customer.



Hobby Line

Reliable, easy-to-handle products, created for the DIY enthusiast carrying out home improvements.


Expert Line - X\WORK

High performance tools that provide versatility and precision to the expert DIY enthusiast and professional.


Pro Line - Simes

Safe, highly resistant tools for professionals who demand maximum performance.


Product categories:


Hot-melt adhesive:

Complete range of hot-melt adhesive guns for all types of users. From the DIY enthusiast to the most demanding professional. Ergonomic and easy to use. Designed for quality precision gluing. Full control over glue flow and multiple accessories to perform any task successfully.


Manual stapling:

Select the manual stapler that best suits your projects and requirements. We offer a wide variety of staplers and staples to help you carry out your precision work with the highest levels of guarantee and quality. Designed for intensive use and manufactured from light materials of the highest quality. Its multiple functions will help you in your daily tasks.


Pneumatic stapling:

Versatility and high performance are its hallmarks. Perform quality carpentry work more quickly and easily. Safety and ergonomics make our tools efficient and safe, even after hours of work. Manufactured from aluminum, with a practical loading system.


Fence stapling:

Perform the fastening of enclosures, fencing, cages, gardens or greenhouses quickly and comfortably.  Our trademark pliers will provide the security and reliability of permanent fastening, without surprises. You can choose from a variety of models and ring staples for any use. You will notice the difference with the grip design, materials and the strength of these tools.



Salki offers a wide range of solutions in riveting joins. Riveters for rod, threaded and angle rivets at the service of the user. Guaranteed efficiency and precision for all types of joints, even in difficult to access areas. Similarly, we have rivets of multiple designs and compositions for all types application, both for sheet metal and plastic, as well as drywall.



Hot air:

With the Salki hot air gun, stripping, welding, ungluing and bending is easy. Powerful, versatile tools capable of providing the solution the user needs. The purpose-made nozzles in our catalogue will help the user successfully carry out each stage.


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